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Picnic Backpacks for 2 or 4 Persons

Pack a healthy lunch with our fully loaded backpacks with all you need. Just add food!

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Mister Alfresco Outdoor Lifestyle Products


Picnic Backpacks for 2/4 Persons

These brilliant backpacks are simply read to use for a gourmet, outdoor lunch or snack on a hike, or at the beach.

With silverware, cheese platter, salt/pepper shakers, corkscrew and insulated compartments for food, this backpack also comes with padded straps and two beverage holders.

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Fashionable Cooler Handbag

Snacks, drinks and medications will remain chilled in this ultra-cool, stylish handbag, even on the warmest of days. 

Step out with catwalk style, and no one will know that you have your green smoothie, your child's cough medicine and a bottle of H20 all at the perfect temperature as you run errands.

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Love, love, love our Mr. Alfresco picnic backpack.  It's lightweight, even when fully packed and our food stays super chilled all day. 

S. Shay, Yorba Linda, CA

This tote/bag is a must-have for daily activities.   My drinks and medications are cold, and the easy access opening stops the cool air from escaping. 

S. Alexander, Santa Rosa, CA

I live in Arizona, and our sunny days are not just warm - they are HOT.  I throw my drinks and kids' snacks into this handbag when running chores.  No leaks, and wonderful, cool drinks for hours.

P. Ojers, Scottsdale, AZ

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We are dedicated to returning to a healthy, outdoor lifestyle with fresh air, family time and movement without a full time devotion to electronic devices.  

Mister Alfresco wants to introduce friends and families to good food, great times and to interacting with each other again.

Our team have chosen our products based upon eco-friendly practices, environmentally friendly materials, and fair labor practices.  

We've Done the Work.

Mister Alfresco has traversed the world to find the best, unique outdoor products so you don't have to.  Whether it's a picnic backpack, a chic cooler bag or a collapsible beverage cooler, our products have have passed the test of time and use.  

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